More than two thousand years old Bar olive tree is a sign-signifier of the region, an irreplaceable part of the visual, but also the spiritual identity of the Montenegrin Adriatic coast. Value of Mirovica old olive trees, not far from the main road that leads from Bar to Ulcinj, is invaluable, because it proves the existence of ancient civilizations in this territory. Her age is priced between 2,000 and 2,700 years old, while the oldest religious buildings and, so far discovered in Bar municipality, they do not go "beyond" the sixth century BC.

Locals Bar, all three confessions are extremely attached to this sacred tree. Introduced back in Yugoslavia on postage stamps, old olive tree in Mirovica a prime attraction, with a circumference of over ten meters. Only three olives of similar age in the world. These are the "holy olive" in Jerusalem (related to Jesus' tomb and the Mount of Olives), olives in Palermo in Italy and the oldest of them, the one in Athens, under which he sat and pondered Platon.Olive from Mirovice is protected by law. Old testament preserving olives is transmitted from generation to generation, and older residents still vividly remember the strictest ban on tearing branches or leaves with her. Folk tradition recorded and the curse that would befall anyone who tried to destroy or cut down this plant. There are, according to legend, the sick found drugs, a poor consolation. The young people got married, and the wedding party round danced around the olive trees in order to healthy birth. The aura of holiness oldest tree in this part of Europe, and according to recent research and the oldest tree on the planet, giving and dedication to the area where it is located - Mirovica, named because they were under its crown reconcile feuding, and "gave faith" for the omission of evil.