Quality policy



PERUN CREWING AGENCY determines the quality policy as an active contribution to the fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of service users as well as requirements of corresponding directives, laws and regulations which are related to the engagement, preparation and embarkation of crew on vessels.




PERUN CREWING AGENCY positions itself in the world market as a synonym for quality and reliability.





builds its business success, economic development, business improvement and increase
to meet the needs of all employees exercising its strategic goals:


• PERUN CREWING AGENCY shall attract, develop, motivate and retain loyal and dedicated employees who contribute to Company’s objectives

• Meeting the demands, needs and expectations of service users with the most optimal ratio between quality and price of services, timely and in the right way, PERUN CREWING AGENCY shall actively seek critique from the Principals and undertake immediate action to correct eventual defects thereof.

• Maintenance and improvement of support process in order to provide the highest quality service to the crew,

• Written procedures and objectives will guide agency staff in all aspects of daily operations and periodical analysis will be carried out in regular Management meetings.

• Continuing provision of high quality and reliable services according to the requirements standard MEST EN ISO 9001:2009, national and international regulations and directives,

• Provide comprehensive rights and protection at work for seafarers and aim to achieve both decent work for seafarers and secure economic interest in fair competition for quality shipowners (MLC 2006)

• All employees are responsible for quality processes in which they are engaged, accepting constant improvements and preventive actions,

• Competence and motivation for team work of each employee is a guarantee of maintenance and improvement of the quality of service provision in order to meet the needs of users.

• Special attention will be paid to the selection of seagoing personnel which have to be at the highest level regarding their qualifications, training and experience in order to ensure that the vessels are always manned with the highest quality of staff. The following guidelines have to be strictly respected:

• All seafarers employed on board must be fully certified in accordance with the requirements of STCW Convention 2010 and further amendments.

• All seafarers shall be medically fit and healthy prior to assignment.

• All seafarers must have at least 18 years. The employment, engagement or work on board a ship of any person under the age of 18 shall be prohibited

• All seafarers shall have access to an efficient, adequate system for finding employment on board the ship without charge to the seafarer, in whole or part, other than cost of the seafarer obtaining a national medical certificate, national seafarer’s book and personal travel documents not including the cost of visas, which shall be borne by the shipowner

• All seafarers are informed of their rights and duties under their employment agreements prior to or in the process of engagement and that proper arrangements are made for seafarers to examine their employment agreements before and after they are signed and for them to receive a copy of the agreements. Also seafarer’s employment agreements shall be agreed to by the seafarer under conditions which ensure that the seafarer has the opportunity to review and seek advice on the terms and conditions in the agreement and freely accept them before signing

• On special types of ships, only the officers with previous experience on such ships will be employed, except in the cases of junior officers.

• When requested by Principals, the seafarers will undergo a pre-employment drug and alcohol test. Anyone who fails this test shall not be processed for employment.

• A professional and competent management team shall always quickly respond to all client’s requirements.

• New staff will always be selected with the best combination of skills, knowledge, and ability to ensure consistent standards.

• Any form of direct or indirect discrimination is impermissible. The sole criteria for evaluation and advancement are: expertise, competence, professional merits and results in performance of certain types of working tasks

• With corporate social responsibility, PERUN CREWING AGENCY contributes to better community life.