Training centers

The training of seafarers plays a major role in maritime safety and in the protection of the maritime environment. Trying to meet demand for high quality and well trained crew members,
Training centers in Montenegro offer a variety of courses under the STCW-95 principals and IMO guidelines for sustainable development of the maritime sector worldwide.


There are 5 Training Centers in Montenegro for enabling seafarers to gain ranks for prosecuting the following ship`s actions:

1. Navigation
2. Cargo handling and stowage of cargo
3. Managing ship`s operations and safety of passenger and personnel
4. Marine engineering
5. Electrical engineering, electronics and automatic operation
6. Maintenance and repair
7. Radio communication


Those training centers are :


Simulators and training in all centers meet the requirements of the IMO STCW convention in full as well as special requirements of the IMO Model Course 7.01 I 7.02, together with the national requirements from the “guideline for ranks and conditions for gaining ranks and issuing licenses for maritime ships` crew members” (OG (official gazette) of Montenegro 55/13), and a large number of specialized trainings under the other IMO guidelines.

Having the contemporary equipment, lecturers and instructors within the Training Centers are able to perform the most modernized drills and trainings.

Training centers conduct their teaching programs following high standards set forth, observed and supervised by the Corporate Board of Master Mariners, Senior Business Executives, career managers and professors which integrate the Training Centers `structures.

It is a fact that the better the education that seafarers receive, the safer shipping will become.